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I started my fitness journey when I was 18 and first went off to college. I started weight lifting to change my appearance, get in shape, and gain more confidence and overall happiness. I was hooked from day one, I wanted to learn every training technique, what foods to eat, what supplements actually worked, and how to put all of these together to gain the best results.

Since then I have come to try out many different styles of training, different diets, and supplements. I have developed my own diet plan and workout regimen that works wonders. I have done all types of diets including carb cycling, intermittent fasting, Keto, and contest prep - all of which fit very well with different lifestyles and goals having their own amazing benefits. I took components of each of these diets and created my Metabolic FastTrackā„¢ diet which is tailored to fit anyone's lifestyle without having to sacrifice your weekends. Once I started to get my desired look I started having people asking me to train them to put on lean muscle and lose body fat.

I have helped train hundreds of people over the last decade to get their desired physique and reach their fitness goals. I obtained my ACE personal training and Precision Nutrition certifications to be able to help people with all of the knowledge I have gained over my 10 year fitness journey. I fell in love with helping people hit their goals and that is exactly what I want to do for you! Personal training is my passion and with the development of Streak Performance, I can now offer my coaching to more people at a fraction of the cost.

3 things that make your membership unique:

  • I have been training people and working in the fitness/supplement industry since 2014. I am an experienced fitness trainer, competetive bodybuilder, ex-collegiate golfer, World Long Drive competitor, and entrepreneur. I live this lifestyle and I live to help people.
  • Easy to follow nutrition plan, 4-week training programs, exclusive video content you cannot find anywhere else to help you with workouts and following the diet program. Education and motivation on a real-life applicable level.
  • Easy to follow for beginners, intermediate, and experienced lifters. I practice all of these plans personally and will give you content on how I apply these principles on a daily basis. You can follow along as I share my lifting and personal business goals on a daily basis.
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